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Our societies are highly dynamic today. In many cases designs are no longer seen as finite but rather are now understood as being open. These designs are under constant renegotiation within a dynamically developing contexts.

In such contexts, in design and research we need to be able to be pro-active, in addition to being responsive. This means thay ultimately design can have a guiding and motivating role if we view design being under continuous development rather than seeing it through the lens of one of control and perfection. Generative design allows us to tackle the processes of emergent designing and its consquences of need and situation. These range from collaborative design to emergent social networks and to versioning. An increasing number of designed artefacts are developed in contexts of emergency that need to be adaptively enacted. A generative design approach enables us as designers and researchers to meet such challenges and needs and to do so generatively, drawing on other related knowledge, tools and activities.