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Design Research Seminar #2 Spring 2014


10 February, 2014, 14:00 – 15:00
Grupperom vest

Håkan Edeholt: How can we as a design research environment best address sustainability and climate change?

Since a year back this has been a strategic question for the Centre for Design Research at IDE. It has primarily been manifested in the theme “Sustainia” and Håkan Edeholt’s sabbatical project “2-Sustainia”. As a result we have filed two similar research applications to RCN. The first one (i) to SANCOOP (in cooperation with CPUT in Cape Town) is now funded and the second (ii)  to KLIMAFORSK is still under review (we will probably know the result in March). The second application is fairly similar to the first one, but is larger in both its budget and scope (Indian and Brazilian institutions are e.g. also involved).

The intentions with our next design research seminar are primarily to present and discuss the initial question above further. In order to give you a bit of background, the second application to KLIMAFORSK has been distributed. Please, when reading it, focus on how it relates to and address the initial question above and whether the approach described in it either could/should be refined, complemented and/or completely changed in future work and applications.