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Design Research Seminar No.1 Autumn 2012


20 August, 2012

Our Design Research Seminars aim to enrich and assist research processes within the Centre. The Seminars will be held every second Monday during the autumn semester with a variety of themes, conceptual and methodological.

The first research seminar for this semester was dedicated to making design conference presentations. Mauricy Filho presented his conference paper ” The Brand Experience Manual: Addressing the Cab Between Brand Innovation in Service Design”, which is related to his PhD project : Brand Innovation in Service Design

The panel brought to the table questions like: 

   • What kind of presentations a design researcher needs to have in order to present his articles/papers?

   •What are the qualities a design research presenter needs to have?

   •How can a presenter be prepared for random external obstacles like noisy rooms, lack of time and tired audience?

The following discussion concluded to some useful remarks on what makes a good and a bad conference presentation: 

   •Stick to the context of your research

   •Let the material speak for itself 

   •Communicate the core point clearly

   •Economy of time and space / respect of the audience time

   •Flexible presentation, in order to open up to the research itself

   •Enable the rhetorical qualities of the presenter 

   •In planning make references to previous presentations 

   •Be yourself and be a researcher

   •Show images, design materials, physical examples

   •Simplify layout and context so that the design shines, and the analysis is clear

   •Less text is advisable

   •Do not fill all the time with rapid speech 

   •Position yourself within your own research

 dR hopes that these seminars can be a useful and vivid arena for the researchers of the center. Research mediation is a strategic area of our inquiry: film, image and words all play important parts in the communication of design research,  especially online. See for example films in work developed by Timo Arnall and colleagues at http://www.nearfield.org/media