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Conceptualising Kinaesthesia – Making Movement Palpable

Methods for observing, registering and understanding movement have become increasingly sophisticated given the advancements in data capture, simulation and analysis, however there is still much to learn when questioning the kinesthetic properties of movement and how they relate to intersubjective phenomena and social flow. Our project, Dancing in Data, aims to reconnect with the sensuous, experiential nature of movement, to visualize data in a move away from the conceptual and concrete towards a more subjective, expressive medium. Rather than perceiving data as remote and dispassionate, we present an opportunity to address a gap in the research that considers movement as autotelic and flowing in response to a heightened bodily and kinesthetic awareness. Our research suggests that technology can play a valuable role in making movement palpable, giving rise to a richer understanding of the sensations of movement as a foundational aspect of the way in which we learn, create and communicate.

Hansen, L.Keay-Bright, W., & Milton, D. 2017. 'Conceptualising Kinaesthesia – Making Movement Palpable'. In 12th EAD Conference - Design for Next . Sapienza University of Rome: 12.04.2017–14.04.2017.