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Connecting the LEXICON to Master’s in Choreography

Amanda Steggell is a Professor of Choreography at Oslo National Academy of Art and project leader of AMPHIBIOUS TRILOGIES project. As part of ongoing collaboration between AMPHIBIOUS TRILOGIES and FUEL4DESIGN: Future Education and Literacy for Designers, these series of workshops aimed to contribute to the DESIGN FUTURES LEXICON with movement words, called FUTURES DESIGN MOVEMENTS WORDS

Prof. Steggell held the three workshops with her Master students in choreography at Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO). The workshops were designed as an experiment to elicit engaged responses to the masters spring course, with a special focus on project descriptions. The workshop was online and held synchronously over ZOOM. 

The workshops aimed to engage the master students through FUTURES DESIGN MOVEMENTS WORDS and look at how the student participants can contribute with more moving words. In this post we summarise how choreography students approached this through DESIGN FUTURES LEXICON activities and resources and applied it to their discipline of Choreography.

Dudani, P.(2020). Connecting the LEXICON to Master’s in Choreography. Content research entry in Fuel4Design project. Open access research website. AHO / FUEL4DESIGN / ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnership Programme. Available: http://www.fuel4design.org/index.php/2020/11/19/connecting-the-lexicon-to-masters-in-choreography/