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Conference paper

Design for Quality Life: Speculative Transformation of Lifestyle

Since climate change has become a tangible and serious issue that humanity has to face, more and more disciplines are evolving to address this field, including design. Design, especially product design, is regarded as a discipline that promotes consumer consumption. Design itself is a problem in the context of climate change. As new design approaches such as social innovation and transition design try to deal with issues such as climate change, designers sometimes lose sight of their aesthetic role. The core question of this challenge is how to understand the designer’s creative and aesthetic skills in these projects. In this paper, I will demonstrate why lifestyle transformation could be a promising practice space for designers by analyzing the current situation of transformative design and speculative design and discuss the relationship between these. By this means the study will inform a more sustainable direction into which designers can transfer their creative and aesthetic skills.

Zou, Y. 2018. 'Design for Quality Life: Speculative Transformation of Lifestyle'. In Design Microconference. Design School Kolding: 05.09.2018–07.09.2018. Available: https://www.designskolenkolding.dk/en/publications/design-microconference