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A Systems Dynamics Gigamap: Gentrification 2.0 Project

In Norway, urban gentrification has been characterised by replacement of original occupants in previously working class neighbourhoods by middle-class or higher income groups (Hjorthol & Bjørnskau 2005).

By posing the core research question ‘What is gentrification in Norwegian context?’ we bring out relevant information and terms to be mapped in a spatio-temporal frame. This is our problem field or problèmatique, a network of problems visualised so as to give a holistic picture of the factors in play (Sevaldson, 2011). This was annotated as a systems dynamic map, showing positive and negative feedback loops of gentrification in Norway.

The systems dynamics gigamap was part of presentation and exhibition at the 9th Relating Systems Thinking and Design Symposium, IIT Chicago, October 2019.


Dudani, P.(2019). A Systems Dynamics Gigamap: Gentrification 2.0 Project. IIT Institute of Design, Chicago Available: https://palakdudani.com/Gentrification-2-0