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The Health Promoting Potential of Interactive Art

In this paper, we argue for the value of participatory and interactive art, to increase the quality of health and health promoting technology, for children with special needs. UN states through several conventions that everyone has a right to take part in art and cultural experiences, also children and people with disabilities, because art is an important value in our society. With technology, we can make art accessible to people with special needs in completely new ways. By building on the participatory art tradition, in combination with new technology, we can develop new forms of expression and groundbreaking experiences. By incorporating knowledge about health promotion and universal design, we can create new health promoting technology and artistic empowering experiences, by making them more engaging, inspiring and participating for children with special needs. This opportunity has in too little extent, been recognized within Assistive Technology. The paper is based on our research and experience from testing an interactive art installation, with children with special needs at six schools within the Norwegian national school art program.

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