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Inclusive Buildings, Products and Services: Challenges in Universal Design

The contents of this book examine a key question: What is meant by Universal Design strategies and how can these approaches be developed, understood and practiced within the different design disciplines? To examine this question, architects, educators, researchers, product designers, those working in professional design organizations and researchers from ICT were invitedĀ  to reflect on their own thoughts and practices and to write about the design processes and principles they use to create Universal Design solutions.

The central idea behind this book is to gather knowledge and experiences about strategies and processes that are based on Universal Design philosophy and principles from three different fields: architecture, product design and information and communication technologies (ICT) products and services.

The book is aimed at a variety of audiences including postgraduate students in design and architecture, designers, architects, engineers and business leaders or managers who are working with Universal Design in some way.

Vavik, T. (Ed.)., (2009). Inclusive Buildings, Products and Services: Challenges in Universal Design. Trondheim: Tapir Academic Press Available: http://www.amazon.com/Inclusive-Buildings-Products-Services-Challenges/dp/8251923441