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Polly Land, Interactive Installation

Polly Land is a large wired Interactive Landscape in the Polly World. Polly Land has three arms and an embedded projector for a close and intimate relation to live video and dynamic graphics. One of Polly Lands arms has a Microphone for voice input, one has a Camera for live video and one arm has a RFID-reader for selecting and playing music in several ways using Scene Cards and Tag-Things. In addition Polly Land has six Touch-sensors and four Bend-sensors to vary the music further. It also has several sensorial stimulating surfaces to enrich the sensory experience.

Cappelen, B.Olofsson, F., & Andersson, A.(2014). Polly Land, Interactive Installation. Oslo: MusicalFieldsForever Available: http://musicalfieldsforever.com/polly_conc.html