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Polly Ocean, Interactive Installation

Polly Ocean is a big banana-shaped mobile wireless Co-creative Tangible. Polly Ocean has a RFID-reader (a white velvet triangle at one end) for selecting and playing music in several ways. By choosing a RFID tagged Scene-card (looking like a CD cover) the user can select the music and accompanying visuals he likes to listen to and play. By interacting with the Tag- Thing the user can play the chosen music as if it was an orchestra with different musicians. Polly Ocean has two Bend-sensors, two Touch-sensors and two Movement-sensors (accelerometers) to change and create the music further. Polly Ocean has one Microphone that you can sing into. Polly Ocean then adds effects to your voice in real time and you can change it further by moving and thereby activating the Movement-sensor. Polly Ocean also records your voice so you can play with it in a musical manner by interacting with the Bend-sensors.

Cappelen, B.Olofsson, F., & Andersson, A., & .(2014). Polly Ocean, Interactive Installation. Oslo: MusicalFieldsForever