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Polly Planet, Interactive Installation

Polly Planet is a large ball-shaped mobile wireless Co-creative Tangible. Polly Planet has a RFID-reader (the white triangle on the top in the picture) for selecting and playing music in several ways. By choosing a RFID tagged Scene-card (like a CD cover) the user can select the music and accompanying visuals he likes to listen to and play. By interacting with the Tag- Things the user can play the chosen music as if it was an orchestra with different musicians. Polly Planet has two Bend-sensors, four Touch-sensors and one Movement-sensor (accelerometer) to change and create the music further.

Cappelen, B.Olofsson, F., & Andersson, A.(2014). Polly Planet, Interactive Installation. Oslo: MusicalFieldsForever Available: http://musicalfieldsforever.com/polly_conc.html