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Polly World, Interactive Installation

Polly World is the 4th generation of Co-creative Tangibles developed within the RHYME project. The name Polly comes from “poly”, the Greek prefix for many. We have chosen the name because the 4th generation of RHYME Co-creative Tangibles is many folded in a multitude of ways: There a many ways to create music, many musical tunes and visual expressions, many ways to play and interact, many ways to participate socially, many colours, polygon shapes and many possible sensorial experiences, just to mention a few. The Polly World consists of four Co-creative Tangibles and two APPs. One APP, PollyCompose, is for interacting with the Co-Creative Tangibles at home, using a Smartphone or a Tablet over the Internet. The four Co-creative Tangibles are: Polly Land, Polly Fire, Polly Ocean and Polly Planet.

Cappelen, B.Olofsson, F., & Andersson, A.(2014). Polly World, Interactive Installation. Oslo: MusicalFieldsForever Available: http://musicalfieldsforever.com/polly_conc.html