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Polly World, Interactive Installation

The RHYME research project at the Research Council of Norway, participated and contributed in several ways at this year’s EHiN conference. The conference, with the title “Shaping the future of health”, was arranged in the Spectrum hall in Oslo, from 14th to 16th November 2016. The EHiN conference is the largest conference within e-health, welfare technology and health technology in Norway.

RHYME contributed with both a talk/presentation and exhibited Polly World at The Research Council of Norway’s stand in the exhibition hall. Birgitta Cappelen, Anders-Petter Andersson and Fredrik Olofsson, members in the group for interactive art MusicalFieldsForever and RHYME members, demonstrated Polly Ocean, Polly Planet and Polly Fire and the Polly Compose App at the stand.

RHYME member Birgitta Cappelen presented her talk with the title “Vitalizing Welfare Technology – a new paradigm in health technology” during Session B2: Design for Healthcare on the 15th November.
In the abstract she wrote: “Welfare technology often focus on diagnosis, biomedical data and medicine. But health promotion is also about vitality, communication and participation. In The Research Council of Norway financed project, RHYME, we have developed several generations of social, mobile and multi-medial health promoting technologies. These technologies offer new embodied, sensorial, musical and distributed experiences and ways to evoke vitality, co-creation, and strengthen one’s own resources and relations.”

Cappelen, B.Olofsson, F., & Andersson, A.(2016). Polly World, Interactive Installation. Oslo. Available: http://2016.ehin.no/sessions/ehin-1-session-b1-design-for-health-care/