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Rapid manufacturing; A path to new markets

Rapid manufacturing is a legitimate child of the Rapid prototyping technology developed during the late 80’s and 90’s. Especially the layer-by-layer method can show an escalating quality performance since the early “3D printers”. Early, the idea to use this technology to produce spare parts on demand was introduced. One problem was to come up with processes that were fast and accurate enough, and materials with sufficient qualities. From around 2000, this problem has been addressed and some projects using this technology have been carried out1. The second problem was to come up with products that were suited for the current technology, small in size, high on price. The latest two years have shown some interesting projects that fits in to this categories.

Killi, S. 2004. 'Rapid manufacturing; A path to new markets'. In Proceedings of Cumulus conference Entrepreneurship and Design. Oslo, Norway: 06.05.2004–08.05.2004. Available: http://www.cumulusassociation.org/images/stories/Working_papers/WP_Oslo_12_04.pdf