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Conference paper

Scaling Bodily Fluids for Utopian Fabulations

This paper explores human bodily fluids for more-than-human collaborative survival. We present four utopian fabulations in which urine, menstrual blood, and human milk are designed with beyond the scale of a singular human body. Each fabulation illustrates queer scales and uses of bodily fluids through extended or improper uses as pathways towards caring multi-species relations within a damaged environment. From these narratives, we reflect on imagining generous collaborations for an openness towards unknowable possibilities and crafting different measures through the tensions of coinciding scales.

Helms, K.Søndergaard, M., & Woytuk, N. 2021. 'Scaling Bodily Fluids for Utopian Fabulations'. In Proceedings of Nordes 2021. Kolding, Denmark: 15.08.2021–18.08.2021. Available: https://conference2021nordes.org/