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Conference paper

Social navimation: Engaging interfaces in social media

  • Eikenes, Jan Olav|

Social media are now an integrated part of culture and digitally mediated social activities. Screen-based devices now employ sophisticated graphics including visual movement on a variety of platforms. This paper explores how visually dynamic interfaces can enhance social media applications. A socio-cultural view on communication and interaction design is combined with a practice-based research approach incorporating design production with textual analysis. The term social navimation is introduced and applied in the analysis of multimodal interfaces. A set of semiotic resources are identified that should be of interest for the practice and theory of dynamic interfaces and interaction design.

Eikenes, J. 2009. 'Social navimation: Engaging interfaces in social media'. In Proceedings of 3rd Nordic Design Research Conference. NORDES 2009. Oslo, Norway: 31.08.2009–01.09.2009. Available: http://ocs.sfu.ca/nordes/index.php/nordes/2009/paper/view/246