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Vitalizing Welfare Technology – a new paradigm in health technology

Welfare technology often focus on diagnosis, biomedical data and medicine. But health promotion is also about vitality, communication and participation. In The Research Council of Norway financed project, RHYME, we have developed several generations of social, mobile and multi-medial health promoting technologies. These technologies offer new embodied, sensorial, musical and distributed experiences and ways to evoke vitality, co-creation, and strengthen one’s own resources and relations.

Cappelen, B. 2016. 'Vitalizing Welfare Technology – a new paradigm in health technology'. In EHiN 2016 - Future Health og European Telemedicine Conference. ICT Norway. November 15. Oslo. Available: http://2016.ehin.no/sessions/ehin-1-session-b1-design-for-health-care/