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A Design-Analysis Framework: Wealth to Wellbeing Project

The Design-Analysis Framework offers a multi-level nuanced approach for attempting systemic issues of large scale and complexity.

The Framework analyses the systems in their present form, digging deep into underlying logics to reveal embedded mindsets and values. It uses metaphors to explore how flipping core narratives might support exploration of alternative systemic logics, there by opening up the present to plural futures.

The Design-Analysis Framework is part of the completed Master’s thesis project (2019) and was part of the virtual gigamap exhibit at the 9th Relating Systems Thinking and Design Symposium, NID Ahmedabad (Online), October 2020.

Dudani, P.(2020). A Design-Analysis Framework: Wealth to Wellbeing Project. NID Ahmedabad: Systemic Design Association Available: https://rsdsymposium.org/2020/10/wealth-to-wellbeing/