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Polly World at Sofiemyr

Exhibition of Polly World, interactive and multisensorial installation, March 10 2016, at the Sofiemyr School in Oppegård. Part of the Cultural Rucksack/Den kulturelle skolesekken, Arts Council Norway.

The group for interactive art MusicalFieldsForever and the RHYME project was last year invited to become part of the programme for Arts and Culture in Norwegian Schools, called “The Cultural Rucksack” (Den kulturelle skolesekken). This is a unique cultural programme financed by the Arts Council Norway. The objectives are to help “school pupils to become acquainted with all kinds of professional art and cultural expressions” and to “… enjoy artistic and cultural productions provided by professionals.” (www.kulturradet.no)

In the programme the interactive installation Polly World represents something quite new as an interactive and multi-sensorially stimulating installation, both genre-vice as installation art and regarding participation. Polly World is an offering for children with multiple and severe disabilities to engage in artistic co-creation on equal terms.

In March this year (2016) Polly World has been “On Tour” visiting schools that wanted Polly World as part of their cultural program. It has been an unique journey and experience for all the children, but also a unique way to share the results of the research project, and gain new knowledge.