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Exhibiting 3D printed artifacts at AHO

Between 6 – 11th November the exhibition 3DX14 – 14 Approaches to materialising form through 3D printing was held in Galleriet at AHO. It was presented by the elective course ‘Informed decision-making for 3D printing’ . The course was run in the fall of 2015, aiming to inform and give the participants in-depth insight into working with Additive Manufacturing (AM) processes. It seeked to give design- and architecture master-students at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design, AHO, a basis of theoretical and practical knowledge into working with available 3D printing technologies.

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The Fabulous Seminar

What’s real anyway? We live in a world with wars, mass migrations and strategic ploys for influence and occupation. This summer VR boomed, and drones flew military sorties and interrupted commercial carriers. AI and robotics were topical on the BBC. Chinese stocks plummeted. The words Volkswagen and emissions now have a different sense.  

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Towards Sustainable Design Development

This research seminar primarily explores radical approaches to pressing matters of climate change, the transformative potential of design and new strategies for making and research. As a continuation of discussions held at different events and projects, design scholars have for a while been talking about the urgent need to widely advocate a more general approach and critical approach to Sustainable Design. This seminar takes this up directly.  

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About dR

The Centre for Design Research at AHO encompasses practice based and inquiry centred research that draws on design processes and products and supports and crosses demarcations between products and services, industrial and interaction design. We also now support and publish research in a range of other areas of design inquiry and practice.

The centre includes the experimental, procedural and also speculative nature of researching what does not yet exist. As part of the Institute of Design at AHO, DR has the goal of making a consistent and quality-led contribution to international research in diverse fields of design, and through practice based inquiry and critical, informed reflection.