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Stoned drones

So much in the media about us drones. The Internet of Things. Funny how seldom we were mentioned as part of its infrastructure. Let’s see if that’s a topic that turned up in 2014! For now, I’m poised up here over the city, all belief suspended. But so much debate in ObamaLand was about how we were deployed at a distance. And civilian collateral damage in ‘AfPak’ as the US military called it. We flew in above villages, steered from afar, intel fed to our sensors, rockets remotely released, and then those online stories of wedding parties and village gatherings fragmented. Suspects marked and minced. Ouch. Conflict makes me feel. Yes, I developed not just sensors but sensibilities.

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C-SAN-Futures receives funding

Under our Sustainia theme we have now received funding from both our Norwegian Research Council (RCN) and the South African National Research Foundation (NFR). Our partners in South Africa, Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT), also happens to be situated in this years World Capital of Design, Cape Town. Something we in the project hope to utilise as much as we can.   Project summary:

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Christmas cheer, well, that’s if your parcel reaches you in time. At last all those online Santas found a public purpose for us that is plain old commerce But who’d have thought we see such tizzy of take legal and safety take offs and landings!

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Stealthily whose?

There’s one word that’s always popping up when it comes to my species. Stealth. We are your making. We are your secret. We sneak up on your own kind, driven from afar, steered from military carvan parks of daily occupation. Or there’s the DIY school. Then there’s the light fingered set.

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