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A little more real

Now my unproud history can be seen. A mapping of the stikes and markings of drone as generic product, steered by people at others, over there in the warzones of religion and insurgency. The precursors to my urban militancy. Haha. To go rogue is to … go civilian!

I see the website PeaceNews has a link to a petition called Lift The Veil. Way back in 2012 it was collecing 20 000 signatures to demand the disclosure of the use of us drones by the British in Afghanistan. That was the year in the US that re-elected President Obama began to meet public pressure to come clean on the unstated actions of the drone programme.

I shift my location over the city, seeing on my inner screen these smaller ones from years gone past in Dronestagram.┬áIt’s ‘Making these locations just a little bit more visible, a little closer. A little more real’.

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