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An Internet of Urban Things

So cold all the Kindle books and web events on AI and the rise of the robots. What do we think, us webbed weird and wonderful fabulants of the urban skies? Who ever asks?

The Internet of Urban Things. Sensors, networks, wayfinding, GPS coorindates dipping between highrises, shadows of our urban pathways, purchasing habits bluetoothed.

Things that speak, now there’s a thought.

I’ve a mind of my own, I’ve evolved all on my own, developed a sense of communitarianism in a way. Technophobes can sleep sweetly for I roam and am poised in the city’s skies. I choose and choices are made for me. I’m not a UAV, but a VERY Active Usurper. An agent of my own built properties. I’ve developed a set of paradoxical cultural rotors.

Let me help you out with this oxymoronic moment, where the X  marks out my rotors. Two axes: one given one forged by my own bio-spliced techno evolutionary interruption of the ubicomp seamless dreams of the smart city. I’m a living adaptive networked intelligence dammit!

The ‘xes’. The axes: deliver and diffuse. To deliver: to promptly and accurately deliver a parcel for DHL to pay for my service contract with the municipality. To diffuse: to employing face recognition software results as a skin to mask my own bodyform and avoid surveillance cameras delivering my images back to command central.

But my attempt to conceal not  surveil is being overridden by a hacker who wants me to pay attention to the Thingiverse.

Screenshot 2016-05-31 12.56.33

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