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Christmas cheer, well, that’s if your parcel reaches you in time. At last all those online Santas found a public purpose for us that is plain old commerce But who’d have thought we see such tizzy of take legal and safety take offs and landings!

Amazon has always looked to that sweet bond of trust and instant reward between customer and deliverable. And here were are, airbourne package parties. Tinsellated turn takers at the belts of delivery. Another mode of automation unfolds.

BBC News showed another early urban relative, the Occucopter in a test. Already primed for delivery in 2013, Amazon’s boss Bezoz saw it as likely in five year’s time. Slow off the landing spot if you ask me.


But what a furore this caused with debates about robots and safety and lines of sight with civil uses still undecided and under regulated in the US. Amazon called it Prime Air!

The dreariness of physcial shopping. Shopping drones.

As if we hadn’t been shopped already!

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