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Design and Education Research Visit and Seminars

Hosted by delTA project (AHO) and PFI (UiO),

Venue: AHO Conference Centre and UiO

Monday 3 June

Research Seminar: Design and Changing Education

Venue: AHO Conference Centre

Host: delTA project, Prof Andrew Morrison



Master’s class reviews

1000-1200 Welcome (Dr Henry Mainsah) and observation of Master’s class (Mosse Sjaastad) linked to delTA project (with Angeliki Dimaki) (Guests invited to attend this session)


1200-1300 Research lunch: (Westerdals canteeen)

Discussion over lunch: on ‘Refreshing Education’ to be led by Prof Jay Lemke

With Dr Henry Mainsah, Dr Caspar van Helden, Assoc Prof Dagny Stuedahl, Prof Andrew Morrison, Angeliki Dimaki


Research seminar

Part 1: Chair Prof Andrew Morrison

1300-1315 Caspar van Helden on ‘Learning through social innovation and ChangeLab’. www.neogroup.org

1315-1330 Andrew Morrison and Dagny Stuedahl on participation, design and learning

1330-1400: Discussion

Part 2: Chair Prof Ola Erstad

1400-1420 Dr Henry Mainsah on ‘Design and civic engagement in delTA’

1420-1440 Prof Ola Erstad updates from PFI

1440-1530 Discussions on projects, initatives and research collaboration

Tuesday 4June 

Research Seminar: Directions in Changing Education


1200-1500 Meeting at Research Park, UiO

Host: Prof Ola Erstad, PFI

Content: presentations from projects with discussion

Participants: PFI project members, AHO project teams.

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