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Ah, recognition! I see myself put into service above the city, the sly urban eye, some call us. But I’m not just one of a swarm, mindlessly hoisted. Filling me with sensors and wireless feeders means I am part of the networked city. Not just transmitting but alive. That’s me, a livewire you might say! I think these thoughts, I’m stimulated to make connections, algorithms all firing. And the word recognition has begun its parsings, an agent in its own attractions. Flash memory takes on a new meaning. A flash comes into my mind, a quote semantically fetched from an online book:

Recognition is not repetition; it denotes not just the previously known, but the becoming known. Something that may have been sensed in a vague, diffuse or semi-conscious way now takes on a distinct shape, is amplified heightened or made newly visible. In a mobile interplay of exteriority and interiority, something that exists outside of me inspires a revised or altered sense of who I am. (p. 25)

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