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Scholarly publishing and design

A seminar hosted by the Centre for Design Research 

Date: Wednesday 14 November

Centre for Design Research (in conjunction with AHO’s PhD School)

Venue: AHO Conference Centre (entrance on Maridalsveien)

You’re very welcome to attend this half day event as part of the Centre for Design Research at AHO. This is a design based research seminar that takes up key matters in the development and futher direction of digital scholarly publishing and design. This is strategic research domain for the Centre. It’s also a likely part of the continuing changes in 21st century scholarship that researchers and doctoral students will encounter.

Our invited guest for this event is is Associate Professor Cheryl Ball, a leading researcher and educator in this area who is also the Editor of the peer reviewed electronic journal Kairos.

Do please support this seminar at AHO as part of our ongoing interest and innovation in electronic rhetoric, design and scholarly innovation. We welcome colleagues and graduate students from other institutes and centres at AHO.

Its important that we take part as designers and design researchers in creatively and critically shaping the changing landscapes electronic publication and modes of circulating and critiquing knowledge. Do please join us.

There is only place for c. 25 participants at this free event.

To register contact: angelikidimaki@gmail.com

Session 1: Identifying key concerns

1300-1305:  Andrew Morrison – Introduction

1305-1320: Timo Arnall – Designer’s Notes

1320-1335: Lise Hansen – Discussion

1335-1345: Einar Martinussen – Core Issues 

1345-1400 break

Session 2: Invited guest lecture

1400-1430: Cheryl Ball – Legacies and Prospects

1430-1435: Jørn Knutsen – Comment

1435-1500: Andrew Morrison – Discussion

Centre for Design Research: www.designresearch.no

Kairos: http://kairos.technorhetoric.net/

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