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UBC featured in Ship & Boat International

Following the presentation of the paper ‘Mapping of work areas in a platform supply vessel: a case study’ at the RINA conference Human factors in ship design and operation on the 17th of November 2011, the UBC project was featured in the acknowledged publication Ship & Boat International.

The paper presented at the RINA conference describes how the UBC project has used images to speed up the design team’s familiarisation with the wheelhouse and bridge equipment. An extensive image database consisting of 1300 images captured during a field study onboard Bourbon Mistral has proved valuable for quickly getting new designers with no experience from the maritime domain up to speed on what a ship’s bridge is, and what kind of equipment it comprises.

The presentation given at the Human Factors in Ship Design and Operation conference by Sashi Komandur of the UBC project got a lot of attention, and the Ship & Boat International followed up the conference with a three pages long in-depth article in its January/February 2012 issue. The article describes the ideas behind the use of images in the design project, how the images were collected and made available to the team, and plans for a future development of the image database. The authors of Ship & Boat International pinpoints some weaknesses with the current image database, e.g. that the images don’t cover rough weather and potential security issues with making the image database publicly available. However, the article concludes in a positive manner:

“Still, in developing a potential interactive tool for designer / operator newbuilding negotiations, and in giving some budding trainee architects their first glimpses of precisely what the bridge entails, Oslo School of Architecture and Aalesund University are to be congratulated on at least opening up the topic for discussion and looking beyond the usual paper-based formats.” (Ship & Boat International, January/February 2012 p. 14)


Anders Kittilsen testing out the binoculars on-board the Bourbon Mistral.

Christoffer Lange and one of the crew members.

The following paper was presented at the Human Factors in Ship Design and Operation conference:

Nordby, K., Lange, C., Komandur, S. & Kittilsen, A. ‘Mapping of work areas in a platform supply vessel: a case study’.


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