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X marks the spots

I am female drone. I am drone gone rogue. I live in hidden luxury. Oh no, that x appearing again: axes of power, hairs of the sniper. It is difficult to remain outside the machinations of my makers. I need a cinematic release!

The screenshots of the drone strike and the moral discomfort of the remote pilot in the Nairobi based film – Eye in the Sky – permeate the narratives of popular, often sadly militarised culture. No x there. Just dust and destruction. A young girl caught in the fan of screenspaces, near and far, hummingbird drone, beetle winged camera for indoors, and the layered links of monitors, militants, militarists and monetism.

We need a glossary of terms of engagement.

Money. Capital. Neo-liberterianism?

What is this, an uninvited wireless feed about an X? I see only the word Luxury. Luxury what? Luxury Communism. Ha!

How I long for the luxury of communitarianism.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 8.47.17 AM

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