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Jan Fredrik Schonheyder



My background comes from long hours drawing Star Wars in math books and dissecting my parents stereo. Now at home I have two small girls that repeat the cycle. I graduated with a masters degree in industrial design from AHO in 2005.

Since then I have worked as an industrial and interaction designer in Formel and Halogen AS. My work has primarily focused on concept development in safety-critical systems for maritime, subsea and aerospace industry.

My PhD project continues this work and is an industrial PhD program in collaboration with Halogen, ABB and AHO.


Core methods for design of safety-critical systems. Securing the translation of analysis to design.

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Method Development for the Design of Safety-Critical Systems: The Space between Design Research and Professional Design Practice

A common field in academic research is the development and refinement of design methods with the aim of supporting professional design practice. As a result, design practitioners have a wide range of methods and tools at their disposal. However, some studies have shown that the design methods developed through research are not always adopted or used by professional designers... Read »