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Natasha Barrett




Natasha has a background in composition, music technology and acoustics, focusing on electroacoustic music, sound spatialisation using 3D audio technologies and interactive sound-art. She holds a masters degree in composition and analysis (1994) from Birmingham University, UK, and a PhD in electroacoustic composition and aesthetics (1998) from City University, London, UK. Both degrees were funded by the humanities section of the British Academy.

Natasha moved to Norway in 1999 for a one year post-doctoral position and since then has been based in Oslo working freelance as both composer and researcher. She also collaborates with experimental designers and scientists, amongst others IRCAM (Paris), PGP (Centre for Excellence in Physics of Geological Processes at the University of Oslo) and OCEAN design research association.

Her works are performed and commissioned throughout the world, receiving numerous recognitions, most notably the Nordic Council Music Prize (Norden / Scandinavia, 2006) and she regularly holds master classes throughout Norway, Europe, Canada and USA.

Natasha’s involvement in the Ulstein Bridge Concept involves matters concerning sound and space. She is particularly interested in how spatial audio can be a carrier for information, how real-time sonfication can clarify data and how audio can effect the general work environment.


Ulstein Bridge Concept

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