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There are increasing calls from the global climate change research community for new strategies for translating knowledge into action. Unfortunately, the Climate Change research communities seem to be alone in really understanding the magnitude of the problem and how the windows of opportunity to address the issue are closing in before our very eyes. C-SAN Futures addressed designerly strategies for scaling up climate change approaches in South Africa and Norway. It’s part of a network collaboration between the CDR at AHO and the Faculty of Informatics and Design at Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT). More »

This project has been completed

Towards Sustainable Design Development a report

The two days seminar few days ago has been a successful meeting for C-SAN Futures project. The core team of the seniors researchers from Norway,Sweden, Kenya, South Africa and China came together to discuss, organise and elaborate the future strategies for translating knowledge into action. The discussions were joined by an interdisciplinary¬†group¬†of researchers and designers outside the network team. People from informatics, ethnology, film, systems design, and sustainable humanitarian development contributed with their ideas, proposals and energy in order to develop a better understanding and further working plan on climate change and the role of design within this topic. Read more »

Towards Sustainable Design Development

This research seminar primarily explores radical approaches to pressing matters of climate change, the transformative potential of design and new strategies for making and research. As a continuation of discussions held at different events and ... Read more »

C-SAN Futures receives funding

Under our Sustainia theme we have now received funding from both our Norwegian Research Council (RCN) and the South African National Research Foundation (NFR). Our partners in South Africa, Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT), also ... Read more »