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Communicating Movement

Type of project
01.08.2008 -> 01.08.2013

This project has been completed

About the project

This thesis research makes a case for full-body movement as a creative material in  explorative design processes of movement-based digital interactions. The thesis is positioned within the domains of and intersections between digital technology, performance and communication.

Research questions: What qualities and communicative aspects of full-body movement visualisations are important when designing for digital movement-based interactions? How may we conceptualise and materialise movement in order to inform the design process of movement-based digital interactions? How may digital tools enable designers to creatively engage with movement data and by extension movement, in order to explore the inherent dynamics in movement data?

Analytical frames: Communication and socio-cultural semiotics.


Funding: Stipend position AHO


Hansen, Lise Amy. (2013). Making do & Making new – Performative moves into interaction design. International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media. 9 (1): 135-151.

Hansen, Lise Amy & Andrew Morrison. (In Press). Materialising Movement – Designing for movement-based digital interaction. International Journal of Design.

Hansen, Lise Amy. (2011). Full-body movement as material for interaction design. Digital Creativity, 22 (4): 247-262.

Berg, I. T. & Hansen L. A. (eds). (2009). Program to perform: exploring dance and new media, Oslo School of Architecture, Oslo


Conference: ke∂ja Oslo – Dance and New Media, October 2010


Corporeal Computing Conference, Presented ‘Materialising Acts: Exploring movement data for digital interaction through the Sync application‘,  London, September 2013

IRCAM: Workshop on movement qualities and physical models visualizations. Presented ‘Designing acts – exploring movement visuals for interaction design. Organized by Ircam-Centre Pompidou and LIMSI-CNRS, Paris, France. March 1 & 2, 2012.

TKB – Transmedia Knowledge Base, presented and participated in an arts & science residency and international conference at the choreographic centre “O Espaço do Tempo” in Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal, May 2010

Supervisor: Andrew Morrison