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Applied research
01.03.2012 -> 01.05.2015

This project has been completed

About the project

This project focuses on researching and developing innovative social media services to promote social engagement and participation among youth. These services are developed mainly to support a group of organizations that promote social engagement among youth. These organizations are NRK, Edda Media (media), Plan Norway (humanitarian), and Kongsvinger Kommune (local government).The project is lead by the market research agency OPINION. AHO will conduct the research for this project together with independent research organisation SINTEF.

This project aims to investigate tools and means of creating, promoting, and sustaining social engagement and participation. We aim to employ and assess theories, methodologies, and practices of design for youth social engagement.

What challenges are involved in the design and development of new tools, methods, and applications fostering social engagement and participation among youth? How can socio-cultural methodologies be applied to support the design of social media for social engagement?

Analytical frames: Cultural theory, innovation theory, participatory design

Methods: Design ethnography, collaborative and participatory design