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DesDoc (Design Doctoral Education)

Type of project
Basic research
01.04.2011 ->

About the project

Doctoral level research in design is relatively new in comparison with that in other disciplines. AHO has a well established doctoral programme that increasingly features projects in diverse areas of design. Little research has been done on the processes and activities involved in doctoral design, from practice to critical reflection and in collaborative learning and formal writing.

Main aims: the project aims to investigate a number of aspects of design doctoral education in Norway and the Nordic countries. The research seeks to formalise pedagogical and developmental learning aspects of doctoral design education, at different points from start to award, and with various aspects in focus, such as genre and process.

Methods: ethnographic, collaborative researching and co-composition, qualitative inquiry.

Outcomes: book chaptes, conference papers, PhD school classes, supervision, co-publication, international linkages.

Funding: internal AHO.


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Morrison. A. (2013 in press) ‘Becoming more definite about the article’. In Dehs, J., Pedersen, C. & Ebensen, M. (Eds). When Architects and Designers …. Åarhus: Arkitektskolens Forlag.

Vaughan, L. & Morrison. A. (2013). Form, fit and flair: considering the design doctorate’. In Proceedings of DRS / CUMULUS 2013 Oslo: The 2nd International Conference for Design Education Researchers, Oslo 14-17 May.