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Doctoral level research in design is relatively new in comparison with that in other disciplines. AHO has a well established doctoral programme that increasingly features projects in diverse areas of design. Little research has been done on the processes and activities involved in doctoral design, from practice to critical reflection and in collaborative learning and formal writing. More »

Design and Education Research Visit and Seminars

Hosted by delTA project (AHO) and PFI (UiO), Venue: AHO Conference Centre and UiO

Monday 3 June

Research Seminar: Design and Changing Education


Venue: AHO Conference Centre

Host: delTA project, Prof Andrew Morrison




Master’s class reviews

1000-1200 Welcome (Dr Henry Mainsah) and observation of Master’s class (Mosse Sjaastad) linked to delTA project (with Angeliki Dimaki) (Guests invited to attend this session)



1200-1300 Research lunch: (Westerdals canteeen)

Discussion over lunch: on ‘Refreshing Education’ to be led by Prof Jay Lemke

With Dr Henry Mainsah, Dr Caspar van Helden, Assoc Prof Dagny Stuedahl, Prof Andrew Morrison, Angeliki Dimaki



Research seminar

Part 1: Chair Prof Andrew Morrison

1300-1315 Caspar van Helden on ‘Learning through social innovation and ChangeLab’. www.neogroup.org

1315-1330 Andrew Morrison and Dagny Stuedahl on participation, design and learning

1330-1400: Discussion

Part 2: Chair Prof Ola Erstad

1400-1420 Dr Henry Mainsah on ‘Design and civic engagement in delTA’

1420-1440 Prof Ola Erstad updates from PFI

1440-1530 Discussions on projects, initatives and research collaboration

Tuesday 4June 

Research Seminar: Directions in Changing Education



1200-1500 Meeting at Research Park, UiO

Host: Prof Ola Erstad, PFI

Content: presentations from projects with discussion

Participants: PFI project members, AHO project teams.

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