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Design for Diversity

Type of project
Applied research
01.01.2011 -> 01.01.2013

This project has been completed

About the project

Teaching ergonomics to design students is closely related to the philosophy and concepts of Universal design, inclusive design and design for all. Another term in this field is Design for diversity.

Main aims: The project aims at developing a framework for teaching the complexity of Design for diversity. The aim of the project is further to give the students sensitivity for the context and an empathic user insight.

Analytical frames: A holistic theoretical model and elements in an inclusive design process are going to be worked out and put into practice in student’s projects.

Research methods: Literature survey and practice-based research

Outcomes: textbook, research papers and other forms of teaching material

Partners: The Norwegian Design Council and The Institute of Architecture at AHO

Finance: Universell*, the Norwegian national coordinator of accessibility in higher education.