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The mediation of research to a variety of audiences is becoming increasingly important. How are we to depict, demonstrate and convey our design practices while at the same time communicating our analyses of them and their connection to other studies?  What can the various domains of design bring to the presentation of design research and what roles can interaction and communication design play in mediating our processes, methods, rhetorics and insights? How can we make apparent the character of project-based and collaborative inquiry? More »

The Fabulous Seminar

What’s real anyway? We live in a world with wars, mass migrations and strategic ploys for influence and occupation. This summer VR boomed, and drones flew military sorties and interrupted commercial carriers. AI and robotics were topical on the BBC. Chinese stocks plummeted. The words Volkswagen and emissions now have a different sense.  

The invitation only design research seminar takes up fabulation, design fiction and approaches to speculative inquiry. We’re gathering a small group of the curious. Presenters and participants alike. Welcome!

Monday 26 October 2015

At AHO, Oslo. Rooms 4&5 (upstairs)


1115   Welcome. Letting Things Speak

presenter: Andrew Morrison

1130   Urban imaginaries

presenter: Einar Martinussen

commenter: Jonny Aspen (AHO)

1200   Design fiction reviewed

presenter: Tau Lensjold (SDU)

commenter: Ragnhild Tronstad (HiOA)

1230   Fashionably forward

presenter: Synne Skjulstad (W)

commenter: Nina Bjørnstad (AHO)

1300   Lunch

1400   Landscape fables

presenter: Laura Watts (ITU)

commenter: Janike Kampevold Larsen (AHO/UiT)

1430   Precedents A possible history of design fiction from Banham to the Baroque

Presenter: Jérémie McGowan (AHO)

commentator: Andrew Morrison (AHO)

1500   Refreshments

1530   Body bio-fictives

presenter: Ståle Stenslie (UÅ/AHO)

commentator: Amanda Steggell (KHiO)

1600   Discussion

1700   Refreshments





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