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01.09.2013 -> 01.09.2017

This project has been completed

About the project

Service Design is rapidly expanding to include the provision of services for health and well-being. DOT is an AHO strategically funded initiative into the design-driven investigation of providing improved and new services for ‘welfare technology’ and person-centred health development. DOT refers to ‘Design for offentlige tjenester’ in Norwegian.

Central to this four year project are: patient care and visualization of services unifying various departments and utilities to see services from the user’s point of view, interdisciplinary collaboration in service design, and conducting surveys of stakeholders, barriers and challenges early in the process to ensure successful implementation.

DOT is realised though the work of a multidisciplinary team at AHO that collaborates with leading agencies and partners in the health sector. These include collaboration with Helsesdirektoratet and the development of process guidance in service innovation for municipalities. Developing welfare technology and living longer at home are central to this work. We also follow-up on welfare technology to measure the impact on the sense of personal safety.

In addition, we collaborate with innovation Norway regarding innovative public procurement and developing methods for needs assessment. Ahus public hospital has been a pilot in this investigation.

DOT further extends inquiry- and design-based innovation within service design education at AHO. We link student work with public bodies, such as the continuation and follow up (such as acute care with the Psychiatry Department at Oslo University Hospital).