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H-SEIF: Human Systems Engineering Innovation Framework

Type of project
Norwegian Research Council, Oslofjordfondet

About the project

H-SEIF or Human Systems Engineering Innovation Framework is a research project that aims at developing new methods for Human Centred Systems Engineering.

Today’s large-scale, highly complex socio- technical systems converge, depend on each other and interact in ways that were not imagined just a few years back. Norwegian high-tech industries face rapidly changing market needs. The organisations strive for further reducing risk and cost in the innovation process while customers demand new systems that are attractive to use.

As scale, scope and complexity increases, there is an emerging need for a systematic “framework” to manage all this while developing a culture that fosters “innovations” applicable for humans. The objective of the H-SEIF project is to develop the System Engineering toolbox to create concrete, tangible improvements for Norwegian companies and industries.

The industrial organisations provide innovation services and full-scale systems for the global ocean space, such as service vessels, expedition vessels, subsea systems, and off grid renewable energy systems. The academic partners specialise within disciplines such as systems engineering and systems oriented design.

The project is initiated by the University College of Southeast Norway (USN) with he research partners AHO and NTNU. In addition there are multiple industrial partners with SEMCON leading the project.