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Relating Innovation and Complexity in Offshore Ship Bridge Design



This PhD research is part of the  Ulstein Bridge Concept project. The main focus is the super complex process of generating new conceptual design solutions in the recreation of the entire offshore ship bridge. My special interest is how the participants in the team of the research project Ulstein Bridge Concept (UBC) collect knowledge, mediate design competence, and collaborate in their effort of doing design innovation. The main focus is innovation in the fuzzy front end, conceptualisation and design collaboration. More »

This project has been completed

Royal visit at Ulstein Bridge Concept Demonstrator at Nor-shipping

The demonstrator from the Ulstein Bridge Concept project, exhibited at Nor-shipping at the stand of Ulstein Group, got a royal visit today.

HRH Crown Prince Haakon and the Minister of Trade and Industry Trond Giske with a delegation of politicians, got a presentation of the Ulstein Bridge Concept. Arne Ove Rødstøl from Ulstein demonstrated our future solution for front bridge on offshore vessels.