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Type of project
Basic research
01.01.2008 -> 31.12.2011

This project has been completed

About the project

NarraHand investigates building, authoring and researching mobile fiction. We’re interested in the creative, collaborative storytelling of African immigrants in Oslo. GPS and a mix of media are used to experiment with mobile genres for learning and leisure.

This project is an ongoing development in a wider one into genre and digital media INVENTIO (funded by NFR). NarraHand has been developed in conjunction with InterMedia (University of Oslo) and Faster Imaging. From 2010 IDE at AHO links this project to its portfolio.


Central research questions:

Analytical frames: Discourse and Genre Analysis, sociocultural theory, distributed narrative and cognition, performativity theory.

Methods: Production and practice based research, collaborative and performative design, social media tools.

Deliverables: Four design cases with genre products, 2 PhDs (Media & Communication, University of Oslo), papers and book chapters.

Funding: Research Council of Norway, VERDIKT programme.

Mainsah, H. &  Morrison, A. (2011). ‘African clouds over the Oslo opera’. Computers and Composition. Vol. 28, No. 3. 235-245.

Morrison, A. & Mainsah, H. (in press). ‘Building communication by design: mobile fiction and the city’. In  Hensel, M. (Ed.) Design Innovation for the Built Environment: Research by design and the renovation of practices. London: Routledge.

Morrison, A., Mainsah, H., Sem, I. & Havnør, M. (in press). ‘Designing location-based mobile fiction: the case of NarraHand’. In Jones, R. (Ed.) Discourse and Ceativity. New York: Longman.