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01.07.2007 -> 01.06.2010

This project has been completed

About the project

The goal of Navimation is to develop a framework for understanding visual movement intertwined with navigation in screen based interfaces.

Context: Navimation is a PhD project that is part of the wider RECORD project.

Central research question: How can we investigate the emerging phenomenon of visual motion that is intertwined with the activity of navigation in screen-based interfaces?

Analytical frames: Social Semiotics, Activity Theory, Critical Discourse Analysis.

Methods: Literature survey, design experimentation (with business partners in the RECORD project), online ethnography.

Deliverables: PhD thesis (metatext, 2 conference papers, 2 journal articles).

Duration: 1 July 2007 – 30 June 2010.

Funding: Research Council of Norway (NFR, BIP programme).

Eikenes, J. O. (2009). ‘Social navimation: Engaging interfaces in social media’. Paper presented at Engaging Artifacts. The 3rd Nordic Design Research Conference (NORDES 09). 31 August-1 September.

Eikenes, J. O. H. & Morrison, A. (2010). ‘Navimation: exploring time, space & motion in the design of screen-based interfaces’. International Journal of Design. Vol. 4, No. 1. 1-16. Available: http://www.ijdesign.org/ojs/index.php/IJDesign/article/view/622/284

Knutsen, J., Eikenes, J.O., Romm, J. & Morrison, A. (2008). AHO Design Research Report: Case #1: Telenor football service. Oslo: AHO. Including scenarios on CD-ROM.

Knutsen, J., Eikenes, J.O. &  Romm, J. (2009). AHO design research report: Case #2: NRK Urørt first iteration. Oslo: AHO. Videos available online.

Morrison, A. & Eikenes, J.O. (2008). ‘The times are a-changing in the interface’. Multimodality and Learning. An International Conference. London: Institute of Education, University of London. June 19-20.

Supervisor: Prof. Andrew Morrison.