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Nordby, Kjetil


Kjetil is an industrial designer with a master in interaction design from Umeå Design School and a PhD from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) 2011. The PhD deals with the innovative use of new technologies in design practice.

Kjetil has been part of several startups and has worked as an industrial and interaction designer for leading Norwegian companies. He has also tutored students at master and bachelor level at AHO and held master courses a Institute of Informatics at Oslo University.

Recently he has turned his interest towards the Norwegian maritime sector and are leading a multidisciplinary team that seeks to reinvent current ship bridges.

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Berg, Marianne Støren

Marianne Støren Berg is senior innovation manager and research strategist. She is working on the development of strategic areas within design research at AHO, and is now full time occupied with establishing the Maritime Research Laboratory.

With a genuine dedication for design thinking and user centric innovation, she has held various roles within research, design consultancy and industry over the last 20 years.

Prior to joining the team at AHO, she worked with change management and advicing within innovation at Telenor. She was directly responsible for implementing a design driven and customer centric innovation process.

She co-founded the Oslo-based award-winning consultancy KODE Design. It earned a position as a leading firm within customer centric innovation in Norway and worked with clients such as Tandberg Telecom, Scandinavian Business Seating/HÅG, Jordan and Tine.

Marianne holds a PhD in innovation processes and workshops. She enjoys sharing her experience within customer centric innovation, design strategy, design management, service design, design research and participatory design methods. Frequently she holds seminars, is lecturing, is jurying and contributes to the design field with publications in books and articles.

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Frydenberg, Synne


Synne Frydenberg is a PhD-fellow at AHO exploring how to design for multimodal and distributed interfaces in complex professional contexts. The project holds an independent and generalized approach and seeks to achieve an overall understanding of designing framework for designers. The project is still closely related to other research projects through case studies within the projects Open Brigde and SEDNA, and coming project cases within health care.

Before starting the PhD Synne has worked as an interactiondesigner in the consulting company Making Waves and as inhouse interactiondesigner in Gyldendal Digital. The center of focus has been interactive education and learning experiences.

Synne gained her MA in Industrial Design from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design in 2011. Her Master Thesis Freke – Intelligent Training was a cooperation between the Norwegian sports gear producer Helly Hansen and the German research institute of microintegration of electronics Fraunhofer IZM. The theme of microintegration of electronics next to bodies in movement resulted in a design project crossing the fields of interactiondesign, service design, industrial design and branding. The project attempted to empower the users experience during intensive training on cross country skiing through using the intelligent ski suit that added a whole new dimension for pulse-monitored training. The project resulted in a functioning high-end prototype produced in China and Germany. The project was exhibited in Young Talents Award 2013.

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Stevens, Nicholas


Nick Stevens trained as an industrial designer in New Zealand and then amassed 10 years design experience working in consultancies, in-house and as a freelancer before studying for masters in interaction design at AHO Norway in 2009. During his time as an industrial designer he worked on a number of projects including home appliances for Electrolux and AEG, Baby seats for Britax, phones for Nokia, the stadium chair for the 2010 FIFA world cup and the London velodrome and anesthesia workstations. He has worked in Australia, the UK, Italy and Norway. He has also spoken about design at events both in the UK and Czech Republic.
He teaches interaction design at AHO and runs the Tangible Interaction course in the masters program as well as participating in some of the research projects​.

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