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Radical Innovation in Maritime R&D

Type of project
15.03.2009 -> 15.03.2013

This project has been completed

About the project

This doctoral project aims to find better ways to work with radical research and innovations in the maritime sector.

Context: Radical innovation in maritime R&D is a PhD project that is part of the SIMSAM project at Vestfold College University. The project builds a link at AHO to shared interests and research in industrial design and that in the maritime sector. The project is supported by the PhD School at AHO and research at the Institute of Design.

Central research questions: How can design methods influence R&D processes to think more radical? How does ICT based visualizing techniques influence the development process in the maritime sector?

Analytical frames: Design Driven Innovation, User Driven Innovation. Design in the Fuzzy Front End.

Methods: Literature survey, case studies (in the SIMSAM-Lab with R&D projects) and interviews.

Deliverables: article based PhD thesis.

Duration: 15 March 2009 – 15 March 2013.

Funding: Vestfold College University. Support from AHO for doctoral education.

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Supervisors: Prof. Jan Capjon (Vestfold College University) and Prof. Håkan Edeholt (Institute of Design (AHO).