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This is a national level network project that aims to provide a constructive and deliberative space for a host of large research projects funded by the VERDIKT programme at the Research Council of Norway. The network covers research into our shared interests in Interactive Representations and Models (INREMO).

The INREMO partners are concerned with interactive digital representations as a contemporary means for conceptual understanding and interpretation in society.  The use of digital representations in contemporary society is pervasive. The ways in which different phenomena or ideas are represented in digital multimodal displays, such as simulations or models, influence the way in which such phenomena and ideas can be interpreted. Furthermore, the manner in which those representations afford interactivity will also impact on how concepts are understood. Therefore, researching design and implementations of interactive digital representations and models is of great relevance for a broad range of sectors, from education to media and communication.

Through the organization of seminars, creative work meetings, and a communication network, INREMO represents a platform for:

– the development of new ideas for research projects and design
– the dissemination of research results and academic discussions
– contributing to the scientific understanding of human interactions with and along digital representations
-forming new constellations of collaboration both at the national and international level.

INREMO is corodinated by InterMedia, UNiversity of Olso (Dr Anders Kluge). There are 14 partners in the network:

Research partners:
Universitetet i Oslo (InterMedia, Institute for Media and Communication, Institute of Informatics)
Universitet of Tromsø (Informatics)
Norsk Regnesentral
National Centre for Treatment and Telemedicine (Tromsø)
Oslo School of Architecture and Design

Partners for applications:
Aschehoug Publisher
The Norwegian Technical Museum

Member organisations:
Norsigd (Norsk organisasjon for grafisk databehandling)