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Designing for additive manufacturing: The AICE approach

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The project investigates the development of design tools for the coming paradigm shift in producing and consuming products. This is caused by new, full-freeform manufacturing technology, also labelled Rapid Manufacturing, micro manufacturing etc. The need for these tools has been specifically pointed out in a roadmap developed by the US government, US industry and US universities, issued in April 2009.

Central research questions: What are design tools and/or design methods? How are they used and how are they developed? How does methods and/or tools change/develop because of new technology, such as RM? What set of new design tools/methods may be developed and discussed via research by design in the context of RM.

Analytical frames: Design research literature is analyzed, emphasizing how methods are developed and used. Several case studies, both among group of students, master projects and personal design are discussed. The tools have been developed gradually, over several years, and has been implemented in undergraduate design projects for the last 5 years. Feedback from all these projects are being analyzed and discussed, leading to an enhancement of the tools/method.

Deliverables: 3 peer reviewed papers have been published in peer reviewed venues. These will be the core of the project’s related PhD.

Funding: AHO central, for tenured staff member.

Project site: to follow.


See the proceedings of VRAP 2005, 2007, 2009 (details to follow)

Presentations: 15 presentations have been given internationally over the last 10 years (details to be added)

Exhibitions: (to be added)

Events: (to be added)

Media coverage: 2 appearances in Norwegian broadcasting: Schrødingers katt in 2004, and Tekno in 2009.