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Sense Memory

Type of project
Applied research
01.01.2011 ->

About the project

The project explores the use of touch in experimental experience designs for geo-locative media.

Main aims:  Investigating vibrotactile stimulation and corporeal interaction in interaction design. Building functional prototypes of wearable, smart clothing for geolocative, mobile experience design. Demonstrating how touch can be used to construct meaningful experiences.

Analytical frames: Touch is investigated through a phenomenological framework emphasizing the users sense of touch.

Research Methods:  The project is approached through practice based, research by design. Functional prototypes of bodysuits run by smartphones are iteratively constructed and evaluated. Autoethnographic methodologies are used to evaluate the results.

Outcomes: New experience designs, smart clothing and interfaces for geolocative media/smartphones. New combinations of Open Source Arduino hardware and Open Source Android software is to be made public.

Partners: Norwegian Council for Cultural Affairs

Finance: Norwegian Council for Cultural Affairs, Dramatikkens Hus