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Service Design Leadership

Type of project
Applied research
01.10.2007 -> 01.10.2010

This project has been completed

About the project

Service Design Leadership is  part of the wider AT-ONE project in Service Design. The Service Design Leadership project aims to develop a framework for implementing design at strategic level in service organisations.

Central research questions: How to develop a strategic framework for integrating design into the strategy of service organizations. How to develop design-driven innovations in service organizations. How to develop a framework for Service Design Leadership at the front end of innovation.

Analytical frames: Design Management, Systems Theory, Design Driven Innovation.

Methods: Literature survey, case studies (design and business partners in the AT-ONE project), semi-structured interviews.

Deliverables: PhD thesis (2 conference papers, 2 journal articles, Framework for Service Design Leadership).

Funding: Research Council of Norway (NFR, BIA programme).

Gloppen, J. 2009.”Perspectives on Design Leadership and Design Thinking and How They Relate to European Service Industries”. Design Management Journal, Vol 4(1), 33-47.

Gloppen, J. 2009. “Perspectives on Design Leadership and Design Thinking in the Service Industry”, Paper presented at International DMI Education Conference. Design Thinking: New Challenges for Designers, Managers and Organizations, Cergy-Pointoise, France, 14-15 April 2008.

Gloppen, J. 2009. ‘Service Design Leadership’. Proceedings of The First Nordic Conference on Service Design and Service Innovation: DeThinkingService ReThinkingDesign, Oslo, Norway, 24-26 November 2009.



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Supervisor: Prof. Andrew Morrison