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Systemic design in complex contexts

Type of project
Applied research
Research council of Norway, Ulstein, Kwant Controls
01.09.2011 -> 01.09.2015

This project has been completed

About the project

Designers are increasingly being engaged in projects for complex, high-risk domains. Yet, little research has been conducted that addresses how designers experience such projects, what kinds of challenges they face, and how they may manage these challenges. This PhD research project addresses the design in one such domain: the offshore ship industry. The project is part of the Ulstein Bridge Concept Project.

Main aims: Understand designing for complex, high-risk control environments, such as a ship’s bridge, and how systemic design may be helpful when designing for these contexts.

Analytical frames: Systems thinking

Research methods: Research by design, complemented by an interview study and a literature review.

Outcomes: Thesis by publication (6 publications and an exegesis)

Partners: Ulstein Group, Kwant Controls, University College of Ålesund (HiALS) and the Norwegian Design Council.

Supervisors: Birger Sevaldson, Kjetil Norby and Margareta Lützhöft